Through participation in Club activities, members enjoy a sense of goodwill and fellowship. The diverse background of member’s interests has firmly established the Club as a valuable feature in the community.

Note: (Please submit application by mail – no facility at meetings to accept applications)
A person may apply by submitting an application which has been sponsored by two members, with a brief biographical statement as well as interests, to the Membership Chair, Lois Lindsay, 5888 Olympic Street, Vancouver,  V6N 1Z6.  Vancouver residency is not a requirement.

There is a $15 initiation fee and our annual fee is $45.00, charged in September.  New members get a prorated fee so that their membership is renewed in September.


Privacy Policy

The Women’s Probus of Vancouver respects our member’s privacy and do not permit access to our membership list for the use of a third party, members are reminded to bear this in mind when accessing the list. Access to the list requires a password, which is available only to members and is changed from time-to-time by the Webmaster with the approval of the Management Committee.

Please feel free to ask to view our current Constitution and By-laws.